Check Out These Top Attractions & Restaurants In Boerne TX

Check Out These Top Attractions & Restaurants In Boerne TX

Are you the type of person that takes spontaneous adventures? They can be fun, but when you only get to visit a place for a short time, it really pays to know the best places to go. If you don’t know them, then it’s true you don’t know what you’re missing out on, but wouldn’t you rather know? You might just have a few more great adventures and get to know a place a little better by checking it out before you go. With Prime Ranch Land in Boerne TX, you’re about to find out the best attractions and restaurants to enjoy while you’re there.

Enchanted Springs Ranch looks really neat, and according to the reviews, it’s a great family attraction. Are you in the mood for some antiquing? Those small towns and cities in Texas have some great antique shops. However, are you in the mood for antiques and…pickles? That’s right, pickles. You can find all of that at Fickle Pickles Antiques and Pickles. There is also another ranch you might want to visit while you’re in Boerne TX. It’s called Sister Creek Ranch, and one of the reviews mentions lunches on Saturday as one of the draws.

There is also another antique shop, and it’s called John’s Road Antique Mall. Now it’s time to move on to good eats, and first up is Little Gretel Restaurant, which according to the reviews is family owned. Soda Pops Patio Grill and Bar looks like a really cool little place, and the reviews say burgers and beer. Then there is Boerne Epicure, Hungry Horse, Po Po Restaurant and many more. While you’re in Boerne, Texas, you want to have a fun time, and here’s your start. You will end up hitting many other attractions and restaurants along the way, and you will have a great vacation.

The Necessity Of SEO In Real Estate

The Necessity Of SEO In Real Estate

Online Marketing has become a necessity for any serious real estate agent. As the Internet is well known to have altered many industries, so also has it altered the real estate industry. Any agent in this industry who is currently not utilizing the Internet for business purposes is simply living under a stone and will soon be completely out of business. Of course the real estate agents that adopted the Internet earlier on have advanced further than their colleagues, but it is still never too late to start or to increase your efforts.

Some Basic Statistics

seo for real estate
seo for real estate

According to the Chief SEO strategist for, Mr. Kim, the Internet is currently the machine that powers the real estate industry. A look at some statistics will better explain what he means:

– Over 90% of people now use the Internet when searching for a home.

– 69% of home shoppers who take action on real estate websites actually start their search on a search engine.

– About 50% of first time home-buyers start their search online.

– 77% of home buyers have actually gone and driven past a home they saw on the web.

The Need for a Website

One of the requirements for a successful real estate agent business online is a website. Of course it is possible to thrive on the Internet without a website, but having one will make things much easier, and definitely also increase an agent’s income. In order to be worth it, a real estate agent’s website should be responsive, meaning that it should display well on both desktop computers, mobile phones and tablets. Apart from using the website to market the real estate business, an agent should also publish local content on his or her website. One simple and quick way of doing this is the installation of a blog on the website. It is also beneficial when the agent answers questions from time to time on other blogs or forums that are relevant to real estate and his/her locality.

Marketing Methods

Mr. Kim of Savvy SEO explains further that there are three major areas of focus, that a real estate agent has to pursue in order to make it big on the web. They are Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Per Per Click advertisements.

– Search Engine Optimization

This is the process of making an agent’s website more visible on the search engines to web-surfers who may be potential clients. There are many ways of approaching this task, but the truth is that it is a job best left for professional SEO consultants like to accomplish.

– Social Media Marketing

This is the process of using online social media accounts to connect with clients and also engage potential clients. This type of marketing can either be carried out simply or as a more complex project requiring high levels of sophistication. It can also be managed by the agent personally or outsourced.

– Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click advertising is a highly targeted method of customer acquisition that charges the advertiser once the web user has clicked on the advertisement, indicating an interest. Pay per click can also be approached either simply, in which case the agent can manage it personally, or it can be outsourced to a firm like for some serious campaign work.

The Bottom Line

Money is the bottom line of all businesses, and the same goes for the real estate agent’s business. A full blown online marketing campaign will always increase an agent’s bottom line with time. This then simply means that there is no excuse for any real estate agent not to be involved with online marketing.

Housing Options For The New Plymouth Area

A Synopsis Of The Market In NZ

A local real estate agency has claimed a house was sold and marketed five times since 2001. Generating him $150,000 in commission, which he said he only saw a small portion of it.

The same agent also sold four homes three times each during his career marketing real estate putting him at the very top list of successful agents who sold the same properties multiple times.

The agent first sold the house in 2001 for $447,500, 2006 $880,000, $1.2 million in 2007, 1.17m in 2010 and 2.31 million last year. the property has a current CV of $2.5 million.

The agent went on to say that it is only a matter of time until the  1920s filler is subdivided to make way for new townhouses on 885 m² site.

An investor has purchased the property, and plans for the Villa are unknown at this stage.

The house is said to have fantastic potential even though multiple owners have made significant changes to the home.

The average sale price in the area has tripled since 2000 jumping from $446,750 to more than $1.5 million in real estate New Plymouth. This has been increasing over time significantly.

Local real estate experts say the average house price is set to tip $1 million when QV releases and its figures for home prices next month.

Burst around the corner?

As house prices continue to rise there is also the very real risk of the bubble bursting.

Agents suggest that this may lead to negative equity- when a home is worth less than the money owed to it.

The reserve bank has had little success taming the market even with house price growth starting to accelerate again.

Many agents are suggesting that the reserve bank is concerned with the health of the financial system, and a crashing house market would hurt the country’s largest city very hard.

Many homeowners could be in the negative- very, little equity in their properties which puts first home buyers at risk who borrow at high loan to value ratios.

Signs of a bubble are a high-value rental market and easy availability of credit.

There is often always a bubble that inflates when easy credit is  Freely made available.

The overwhelming concern is that everyday house prices continue to rise which increases the chance of a crash and an unhappy market

new plymouth house
new plymouth house

The Prime Minister has indicated the reserve bank still has options to curb the property market. He has suggested people are sick of it, but all roads lead back to supply you have to build enough housing.

The PM also suggested that if you want to do more around borrowing in that area, the easiest route is through the reserve bank actions.

The Prime Minister also said that he would potentially support the finance ministers loan to income ratio idea, and the bank could consider a range of steps.


What ever the near future brings in a property market in the greater city region, being aware of property trends will allow you to make better choices.

House prices in the future could fall by up to 25% which would have a significant impact on the economy.

The reality is the housing market is a major concern, and many are saying it will come back down, but it is unknown when.

The problem is asset prices don’t keep going up even though investors believe they do.

What could trigger a significant fall in prices is supply and a neighbouring countries economy. Supply is often the thing that kills it and was simply not getting that.

There are an enormous amount of job ads for the construction industry and property industry which is assigned big companies can’t find skilled workers.

Where packing that if the trend continues on this path, there will be a burst of the bubble, and this will have a significant impact on the country’s economy and housing market as well is lending and lending criteria.

A Real Estate Agent That We Dearly Miss

Our Real Estate Agent Danielle Reed Passed

Our real estate agent Danielle Reed
Our real estate agent Danielle Reed

Us on the strip a week ago

A few years ago we lost one of our number one real estate agents. Her name was Danielle Reed. She moved to a real estate company in Summerlin, NV called Berkshire Hathaway. We really miss having her around, but I recently bumped into her when I was visiting Las Vegas on vacation. We had a few drinks and she told me that she was doing great at BHHSNV.

Whether you are looking to downsize your home, or you are looking to upsize to a larger more luxurious home, Danielle Reed can help you find the home of your dreams. She is here to help you find a house your family will love. Danielle was an agent we had at our Omaha branch but she has moved to Summerlin Nevada and is now servicing the needs of the real estate consumers in Nevada!

We really miss having Danielle on our sales team as she really brought a positive attitude to every situation we were faced with. Danielle is one of the best real estate agents we have ever come across.  Her positive spirit brings so many great things to the table. She is a valuable asset to have on any real estate team.

Before she passed she had surpassed everyone’s quotas on selling houses in the Summerlin area. She was a real treat and local force to be reckoned with when it came to real estate in all of Las Vegas county. She used to go down to the strip and gamble at Caesar’s Palace or Bellagio. Our Omaha business was really good to her, and for her to be able to have lived a life that she really was passionate about in terms of real estate must have meant a lot from her. She was actually one of the driving forces for the idea of Honestly the founder, Jim, was one of affluent Nebraskan and Omaha’n elite who was dating her when she first passed away. She had so many satisfied clients it was insane to think she’s not here with us today. Just kidding she’s still alive. We write this memoir in hopes that her clients will continue to refer other clients to and continue to bring us business, because in the end, all in all, this is a business.

When Danielle decided to make the switch and relocate herself to Summerlin, our whole team was devastated. She really was one of the best agents we have ever had, and it was a real shame to have to say goodbye to her. We wish her the best in her career and also in life! We hope you are doing well Danielle, the whole team missed you every day!

Danielle deals in all types of real estate but she has recently partnered with the Toll Brothers to help sell their Regency at Summerlin properties for people aged 55 and older. So if your ever looking for Regency at Summerlin, we hope you’ll consider Danielle! We highly recommend her, and we really miss having her around.

Here is a video of Danielle at the Regency at Summerlin properties!


Our Real Estate Agent Out In Las Vegas, Nevada

A Client’s Experience in Las Vegas
With Blake Leavitt

The real estate business in Omaha has been good to me over the years. I have been able to live a comfortable life from my earnings as a real estate agent and I have also had the opportunity of meeting many affluent Nebraskans and the Omaha elite. The idea for this blog, the also came into my mind while discussing with a satisfied client who wanted something to use in referring me to other potential clients. While many others may dream of Las Vegas, Nevada or some other places to go and enjoy their wealth, I love Omaha, Nebraska and I would love to stay here until my last days.

Talking About Las Vegas

The Las Vegas real estate map, by definition
The Las Vegas real estate map, by definition

One of my old clients, a well to do Nebraskan who has plenty of real estate investments, decided to get a place in Nevada, either in Las Vegas or the city of Henderson. Naturally, I didn’t know much about real estate over there but I had a friend there, and his name is Blake Leavitt. I consider Blake a super real estate agent, because he has it going on, he provides everything from rent to sale of private and commercial buildings or homes. Whatever kind of house you need, Blake Leavitt has got it. He is a neat and easy going dude, and time spent with him is usually worth it.

My client had told me that he has not been able to find a good house either in Las Vegas or in Henderson. He just wanted a place to stay a few days in a row, from time to time. But all the houses he was shown were all not to his taste, or as he put it, he couldn’t feel their vibe. So I referred him to Blake Leavitt, telling him that “If Blake doesn’t get you what you want, then no one else can.”

Blake Delivers & Client is Impressed

My client later met with Blake and his first remark was that he looked in real life exactly as he looked on his website They got down to business and Blake expertly questioned him to find out what he wanted exactly. By the time they met a week later, the client was overjoyed because Blake had shown him exactly the house of his dreams. He sent me a message through my website, from his website,, saying he had found the perfect place in Henderson, Nevada. He could now visit Nevada anytime he wanted, do whatever he liked and still come back home to Nebraska.


In business, as in life, it is important to know a variety of people. I am glad that I knew Blake Leavitt as the terrific guy that he is, and he also did not disappoint. My client even compensated me later for putting him in touch with such a great Realtor in Nevada and he is considering expanding his real estate investments from Nebraska into Nevada, since he now had a perfect guy in the state. I am also always welcome in his home in Nevada, so I just may try spending time over there, sometime later this year.